Creating an account

Click on the My Account menu tab and click Login/Signup that appears in the dropdown.

On the new page that opens, there is a Register button. Please click that and it will take you to the register page.

Click on the My Account tab and click Login/Signup. On the new page that opens, please put in your registered email address and password.

Click on the My Account tab and click Login/Signup. On the login page that opens, please put in your registered email address and password. If you have forgotten your password, please use the Lost Your Password link. You will receive an email within 5 minutes with a link to reset your password.

Once you login, go to My Account on the menu bar on the top, click on Profile and go to the Settings tab on the left side.

You may not be using the email address you registered with. Please use the email address you registered with at the time of creating your account. If you forgot your registered email address, you can create a new account for free. However, if you are already into a course or have paid for a course, please contact us via the contact us page and we will help you get access to your account.

Taking a course

After creating an account, go to courses on the menu, find the course and click subscribe. This will show you all the courses available. You can use the filters provided to guide you by course instructor, free or paid and so on.

After logging in, On the Courses pages, click on the heading of the course. Click on that to move forward to the course summary page. You can use the filter option to find courses by author.


This will take you to the course summary page. Click on the ‘take this course’ button as shown below.

After logging in, go to My Account- My Courses.

You can then continue any of the courses you have subscribed to.

Course Dashboard / Taking a Course

When you click on a course you are taken to a course summary page. This page has a button on the right that will ask you if you want to start or continue the course. This is the course summary page. It has all the summarized information about the course.

When you click on Start Course or Continue Course on the course summary page, you are taken to the course dashboard where all the course content is available. The dashboard panel is on the left-hand side and will show you the number of modules as well as the ‘back to course’ button.

The ‘Back to Course’ button is used to go back to the course summary page or if you want to go back to the home page. If by any chance you click the back button on your browser, it will ask you to reload the page. Please do so and it will take you back to the course page.

Each course is broken up into modules and under each module you will find the course material which are sometimes called as sessions or units. When you compete a session or a module, if you choose to, you can click ‘Mark this unit as complete’ on the white bar at the bottom of the page below the course content.

On the bottom white bar, you can also proceed to the Next unit or Previous unit. Or you can select a module or session from the dashboard on the left and move to the portion you want.

These are navigation buttons. The module you are currently on will reflect a green button. The black button reflects the other courses or sessions in that module.

If you mark a unit as complete, under the modules you will see that the green button will have a tick mark next to it. This is just a reference tool to help you monitor what courses you have done.

Sometimes the instructor creates a quiz for a portion of a module, by clicking the Start quiz button, you will be able to take the quiz the instructor has created.

Click on the check results tab as in the image below. This will help you retake the quiz or see the results.

Sometimes there are pdf files you can download. Click on the download button to download the file.

To go back after downloading a pdf, click on the back button the browser.

Sometimes, depending on your browser, after clicking the back button, it will open to a blank page and ask you to confirm from resubmission by reloading page. Please see image below. You will need to reload the page by clicking on the circular arrow as pointed out in the image below.

And then click on the continue button.

Making payments for courses

Many courses are free. Some are paid. The paid courses will show the price of the course.

You may pay using a credit card or debit card.

If your coupon code is valid, you can use this at the time of check out for a paid course.

Other FAQ's

All material that is either a teaching or an interview or a special program, and not a course, will be seen under this tab. It is free to access for all.

All material that is relevant for children of various ages can be found under this tab.

Once you register for a course, if the teaching is going to be via zoom, you will receive an email with the date and time, zoom meeting ID and password.

  1. There are some courses that will be jointly given by the organization/ institution offering the course along with LifeWay Leadership Institute. 
  2. Some courses will be certified only by the organization/ institution offering the course.
  3. Some courses will be certified only by LifeWay Leadership Institute.
  4. There may be some courses that are purely informative that will not have any certification.

On completion of the course, you will receive a certificate via email. If you have not received your certificate, please get in touch with us through the contact us page.

Sometimes it a takes a few seconds for the video to load and this could be due to network bandwidth issues.

Through the Contact page, you may type out a message in the Query box and press Submit. We shall then get in touch with you at the earliest.